Thinsulate(TM) Installation in a van
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Vehicle: 2106 Ford Transit 130WB Med Roof
Insulation 3M Thinsulate(TM) SM600L
Impact, Inc,
Hood River, OR
54l 49O 5O98
impactproducts | eBay
The Crew
Inserting strips inside roof ribs with flexible stick
Inserting strip from the other end
Trimming excess
Poking two 8" wide strips to above R and L side of windshield
Using stick to insert wide strip to side of cab headliner
Headliner rear dropped down showing larger 60" wide rear piece installed.
Forward cargo roof section installed. Note how scrim is attached to roof beam.
Trimming Thinsulate away from scrim
Using Masking tape to remove more of the Thinsulate from the scrim
Scrim attached to roof beam using 3m 90 spray
Cargo area roof completed
Inserting 60" long roll into lower wall.
Unrolling and slitting to go either side of webs connecting inner and outer sheetmetal.
Pull back edges and spray adhesive behind. Then press in place
Lower wall completed.
Wheel tub. Measure over top fore/aft and side/floor. Cut rectangular piece.
Slit and remove pie shaped piece to wrap corners.
wall area where window would normally go.

Sliding Door done in multiple pieces

Evening and all done.