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NCV3 Dash switch adapters
Dash Switch adapters for installing rocker switches in NCV3 dash locations. 3D printed in tough nylon plastic by Shapeways. We have adapters with SPST and SPDT (center off) switches in stock. Please call or email to order. Use of a relay to carry the load is  recommended. See wiring diagram here:


NCV3 Front door speaker adapters for 5" or 5.625" diameter frames
Adapters to install 6.5" speakers in NCV3 front doors. Fits 6.5" diameter high fidelity aftermarket speakers. Takes advantage of factory mounting locations so no cutting or drilling in the sheetmetal required. hardware plus extra door panel retainers included. Material is expanded PVC that does not absorb water and has low resonance to dampen surrounding sheetmetal and improve efficiency. Two versions available depending on hole size required to fit speaker frame. (mounting hole diameter)
For speakers needing 5.0" (127mm) ID hole:
For speakers needing 5.62" (143mm) ID hole:

NCV3 Subwoofer panel
Subwoofer mounting plate for 10" shallow depth speaker. For mounting subwoofer in 2nd opening behind driver NCV3.Material is expanded PVC that does not absorb water and has low resonance to dampen surrounding sheetmetal and improve efficiency. Please call to order. More info here:


NCV3 high roof upper rear door panels with or without storage pocket

These panels fit in the upper part of the door on all 2007 to present highroof Sprinter vans. They are available in fine textured white, black, or grey Celtec which is a durable PVC based plastic composite board. Thickness is ~1/4" (6mm). The panels mount to the door with black plastic automotive style push pins included. No tools are required. The pins are very secure and won't allow the panel to come out or rattle. The panel is available with or without the small storage pocket shown. Panels for speakers are also available. Purchase here:

NCV3 Under vehicle Battery Trays
Under vehicle battery trays for NCV3 2500 and 3500 170WB
Spacious heavy duty formed steel trays for single or multiple batteries. Please call to order. more info here:

Tower brackets for 80-20 crossbars with or without OEM roof rails
Laser cut, CNC formed and clear anodized tower brackets for using 15 series 80/20 1517 (rounded as shown) and regular square 15 series crossbars. This system can be installed with or without factory roof rails. We have low profile tower brackets that are compatible with FIamma Awnings. Kits Include all hardware to attach 80/20 sticks. Ends of 80/20 sticks must be tapped 5/16-18 1" deep. For quick/easy installation, we can supply/process the 8020 and ship fully assembled towers with cross bars. Sliders and hardware to connect to OEM roof rails are also included. If there are no roof rails, VHB mounting pads (shown above) are also available. Please call to order. More info here:

Simple stick on P-brackets for direct roof mounting
Laser cut, CNC formed, clear anodized aluminum P-bracket with 3" square ABS plastic pad with 3M VHB backing and 4 brass threaded inserts. For mounting solar panels and other light duty items directly to roof. Includes plastic peel & stick pad, P-bracket and 4 stainless 10-32 screws with washers. Rotational hole pattern can accommodate angled roofs. Bracket can also be hand bent + - 5 degrees to fit roof angle. 4 recommended for smaller panels under 75 watts, 6 or even 8 for larger panels.
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NCV3 Rear door prop
Rear door prop holds rear door open in 3 positions using existing latch. Enhances air flow and maintains some level of security using existing door lock. DO NOT USE WITH ENGINE RUNNING DUE TO RISK OF EXHAUST GASES ENTERING THE VEHICLE.
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Rear Door Stick on Handle
Makes getting in/out and closing the RH rear door much easier. Peel and stick with 3M VHB. purchase here:

3M Vehicle sound/thermal Insulation
3M SM600L sound thermal insulation engineered for vehicles.
more info:

Slotted Access Panel for NCV3 seat pedestals
OEM seat pedestal access cover with slots. Can be used for return air when Espar D2 heater is installed under passenger's seat. Or to improve air flow for electronics mounted under seat. purchase here:
Also available with an Allertech return air filter attached with Velcro.
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To order please follow the links to our Ebay Store.
For more info and to order other items please email or call Hein on Pacific Time.
last update: May 24, 2015